One thing I hate is dirty TOMS. I needed to clean them but I did not want to ruin them and I had no idea of what I should use. I wanted something that was gentle on the environment and on my lacy TOMS. I knew if they were gentle on my lacy TOMS they would be safe for the rest of them. I decided on method laundry detergent. Boy was I expressed! One it produced a multitude of bubbles, but at first I thought it was all suds and no clean. But it proved me wrong. I cleaned them and then rinsed them off but I was worried they did not  look clean. After that I wrapped them in a towel and let them dry over night. Once I woke up they were back to their original creme colour. I was elated! No more indigo from my jeans and no more dirt. They were like new again!. Now just to wash my red TOMS!

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