Warby Parker Owen in Striped Tortoise
I had a different post planned for today but I like this idea better ethical eyewear. Now the word is probably out already TOMS is now selling sunglasses, for $135 and $145, and with each purchase they give eye surgery or prescriptions glasses to a person in need to help give sight in Nepal, Tibet, and Cambodia. The sunglasses come in a vast variety from wide frame to aviators in different colours. 
TOMS is not the first or second company to do this though before TOMS decided to help restore sight KAYU, my top pick, was doing it in 2008. At KAYU when you buy a pair of sunglasses they donate twenty dollars to a sight-restoring surgery to a person in need anywhere. While twenty dollars may not seem like a lot it is enough to give sight in India. The costs vary from country to country some cost less while other cost more but they do give to all. While the sunglasses ($126 per pair) do not vary in colour like TOMS, they are made from bamboo and come in a bamboo case in four basic styles. 
Then, in 2009 141 eyewear was giving glasses to a child in need when you bought a pair of glasses. 141 eyewear come in ten different styles and different sizes. (Contact retailer for price). 
Finally, Warby Parker; probably THE most affordable out of them all, at $95 a pair, there is no reason should not get these. They range in numerous vintage styled frames and neutral colours, with one or two bright colours. They can join the ranks with the other brands I mentioned here, because they too donate a pair of glasses to a person in need. However what sets them apart from other brands is they sell both glasses and sunglasses.

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