On June nineteenth we will be celebrating fathers day, and if you are having trouble getting dad that spectacular gift while still being kind to earth I think I can help.
TOMS: toms.com
1. comfortable
2. one for one
FIGS: wearfigs.com
1. handsome ties for the professional or business man
2. gives a uniform to a child in need so they can go to school
Old fashion shaving kit from dirty deeds soaps on etsy.com
1.hand crafted brushes and soap
2. no need to buy razors just one and your done
PACT Apparel: wearpact.com or Nordstrom
1. benefits many charities
2.organic, fair trade, sustainable
3. everyone needs skivvies
1. What dad would not like to smell good and keep a clear mind + body with these all natural colognes

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