After washing my hair I normally indulge in a deep conditioner. My favourite being a hot treatment. Hot oil treatments are best for extremely parched and thirsty hair looking to be quenched. The benefits do not just stop there though, you can, and should, choose one based on your hairs specific needs. Now all oils, listed below, will help your hair grow, but some are targeted towards some special needs. Coconut oil, my favourite, for the prevention and termination of lice and it smells of the tropics, bonus! Now if you have a problem with flyaway I would recommend apricot oil. It smoothes frizzy hair and smells fruity. However if you have oily hair you may be thinking that “I cannot give myself the luxury of a hot oil treatment”, but you would be wrong to think that you just have to use the right oil. Jojoba oil, is the perfect fit for those that have oil hair, because it helps you body regulate its production of oil. Sweet almond oil, if your is lackluster and dull I would suggest sweet almond oil, it gives hair shine, adds protein, and makes hair silky.

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