In my quest to find the perfect jeans that have that amazing give, immaculate shape, and astonishing troth of colour; I would suggest good society jeans. They are supremacy. Made with organic fair trade cotton from India, their raw jeans, dyed with actual indigo not petroleum, use the dry wash technique, and produced with out the use of child labour. They are colour fast even after fifteen washes, my charcoal jeans have not faded since I bought them four months ago. The fact that they use the dry wash technique is great, because it conserves water by not requiring the use of water for washing them before they get to you, the consumer.(For tips on taking care of your dry denim check the pages sections labeled “Clothing Care”) Another great thing about dry or raw denim is that is has character. It is not already pre-conformed like regular denim, but conforms to you giving them that personal feel. I would personally advise ordering one size up from your regular denim size, I wear a twenty-seven but ordered a twenty-eight and they fit perfectly.

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