In one corner we have Nvey Eco organic mascara weighing in with a score of 1 and in the other we have twink beauty lash paint weighing in with a score of 2. Nvey eco mascara is a non traditional mascara being that twink lash paint is a traditional cake mascara. I found that the twink lash paint did not last all day because by the time I was ready to take it off it was already gone. However I could tell that it did darken my lashes. I also found it hassle to first wet the mascara then rub the spoolie in the mascara and apply it to my lashes. Then to rise off the spoolie or else I would have black spots over my shelf, which did not look pretty on my closet or on my bamboo organisers. Thus, causing me to find a more unorthodox mascara, Nvey Eco mascara. When I received my mascara I was ecstatic. I just had this feeling that it was going to be amazing and it was... almost. It darkened, defined, and drew out my lashes! It IS perfect in an elongated squared tube. No horrid chemicals, fragrance, and alcohol, which irritates my eyes. The only down side is it starts to flake towards the end of the day All in all I would have to say that the winner of this match is Nvey Eco mascara for definition and length while twink beauty lash paint is best for colouring your lashes.

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