Orglamix was my favourite cosmetic company until yesterday. When I found out that one she was a fraud. Her products were not handcrafted by here, but pre-made and resold to us, the consumer. All she did was resell a private label company and put her orglamix label over it. Secondly, her products are not all natural, mineral pigments. They contained other ingredients in example animal by-products and probably fillers. One of the reasons I purchased her cosmetics over say bareMinerals or another mineral make up company was I was under the impression that she did not use said products because that what she posted on her website at, but I was wrong.Some people have reported allergic reactions because of the very reason. Thirdly, she repackaged the colour under different names and resold them. Some people have reported duplicates of the same colour under a different name. Fourthly and finally, the company that she has purchased from and reselling has been under question for unhygienic conditions.

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