If change starts with small things, then PACT Apparel is making a stupefying start. With something you change everyday, your underwear. PACT Apparel produces organic underwear($18-$22, that comes from organic cotton from within one hundred miles of their factory, their workers get paid fair wages, and their very founder goes to check in on their factory in Turkey. Now that is what I called caring. Ergo with every purchase ten per cent goes to a charity from that collection; Sierra Club, ForestEthics, Essentials, and Oceana. These knickers are so colourful, bright, and cheery, I love seeing these in my drawer. The sizing seems a little large, to me, so I ordered a size down. (If you wear a small you might want to order an extra small.) What you see on their website it what you get the colour match is very steadfast. This company is wonderful I love their dedication to reducing their use of plastic. Their underwear comes in a scrap fabric bag and in a compostable plastic bag that will biodegrade in forty-five days, if you ship USPS. However the scrap fabric bags match the underwear you purchased. You can use these bags for holding a few cosmetic items, food for lunch or snack, or anything else small you need to stay safe.

PACT now has a referall program so if you click this link you will get $15 to spend at PACT + so will I :D Thanks

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  1. I recently got some of these wonderful panties n i love em. I usually shop at VS (Victoria Secret) and they're nice yea...well cute ya kno. BUT PACT panties are by far much better. The cotton is very very very soft....OMG! i love em. AND the softness continues to last. I would recommend buying PACT appareal to all of u.