Shampoo bars, now some of you may have heard of them or not but i am going to explain what they are and how to use them. A shampoo bar is basically a bar of soap for your hair; majority of them do not come in plastic containers like their non bar counterparts, which is why most people buy them. Secondly, they do not need all the preservatives that bottled shampoo needs making them more natural. Normally they contain myriad condition oils and or butters and do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, well the hand crafted ones do not.
Now how to use them. First, drench your hair in the shower, outside, kitchen sink, where ever you wash your hair. Secondly, wet and lather the shampoo bar and rub over hair. Making sure to get every strand, starting from top to bottom. Then, massage in to scalp and hair for about five minutes. Finally, rinse and completely out. Repeat if necessary, it should not be.

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