Okay I know this is not exactly fashion related but it is beauty and environmentally friendly related. One thing vital to life water, and while drinking water is good for you. Drinking it out of a plastic bottle is bad for the environment and drinking it out of a water bottle lined with BPA, Bisphenol A, is macabre and horrible for your health and the environment. This is where Subzero comes in. Most people know Subzero as a refrigerator company that still produces their refrigerators in the United States of America. However they also manufacture water bottles that are near indestructible. They are magnificent; they hold seven hundred fifteen milliliters of liquid, and BPA free stainless steel. I took this water bottle with me and accidentally dropped it on the floor. Now with some bottles it probably would have bent and became distorted, but this bottle actually made a chip in the floor. At $5(Walgreens) a bottle it is a great steal.

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