Immaculate mascara combo

So, I was experimenting one morning with my mascaras and I came up with the best combination EVER! It is so perfect, the best amalgamation... Nvey Eco Volumizing Mascara and Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara. Now alone Nvey Eco is okay and Organic Wear is nice, however fused together they create an ALLURING AND SHOW-STOPPING lashes. First, apply Nvey Eco to bare lashes; add more coats for a drastically amplifying effect, then apply Organic Wear over that for increased volume and voluminous lashes. Now Nvey Eco does more eking of the lashes than volumizing them, Organic wear makes up for that by adding volume instead of length. It is a truly magical union of two effective mascara, which makes them ultra effective. However the best part is does not flake or smear once, it dries after a few minutes.

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