diy with clothes pins

Hi, sorry that I have been gone lately, but I have been extremely busy between volunteering (where I have a strict dress code), this engineering program I am attending ( I have been rushing every day out of the house so I cannot really take a picture of my outfits + they have been really amazing), and just deconstruction reconstruction of my room/house + closet which is wear this diy project came from. I have a decent amount of skirts about 10 or so maybe more probably more  and I like for them to hang, however I ran out of the skirts hangers that came with some of my skirts. I took it upon myself to "make" some more. ( Actually I bought some recycled plastic hangers a really long time ago + they are the ultra thin ones that I truly love + found it pretty wasteful to buy new wooden ones)  If you diy follow me on instagram you might have already seen some of them on there. Now to project, I took some bamboo clothespins and some paint that I had hanging around the house and painted the clothespins, decorated them with some stuff I had in my room and protected them with mod podge (well I will as soon as I get some mod podge).  Some of them have decorated tips while others do not and a few will have their insides painted black. However the ones with decorated tips either have leather strips, glitter, painted tips, studs or bows. I also applied a little bit of felt to the inside so the pins do not leave a mark on my skirts. This was a fun + quick project that only took me 2-3 hours to make all 10 pairs painted + decorated. As for the curry coloured clothespins you will have to wait + see what I do with those because those are not for my skirts.

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