First I would like to thank you for visisting BNLfashions ( don't forget to follow + tell your friends me on twitter,instagram, + pinterest). Secondly, I would love YOUR help I am going on this class trip to Paris, however I need to fundraise the money to go on the trip. I need to raise $2,500 and any amount that you can donate would be great even if it is only $1. I know times are tight which is why I say even a dollar would be spectacular, because if I got 2,500 people to donate a dollar I would have reached my goal :) Again even if you cannot donate thank you again for visisting my blog + spread the word about it and my fundraiser. ( YOU CAN SEND THE MONEY TO via paypal thanks)
Thank you,
UPDATE 12/9/12:
If you donate a minimum of $50 then you will receive a copy of my short story "where did all the snow go?" This is only open to 50 people

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