BCW Day 2: Habitat Loss

What if one day you woke up and everything around you was gone, all the other homes surrounding yours there was nothing left? Or if you left your home to go to the market to get food and when you came back you did not have a home, because someone wanted to   raise animals or farm the land there? Well this is a problem for many animals including big cats. However the way in which their homes are destroyed vary; if you are a tiger or jaguar you experience deforestation so that either monoculture crops can be planted or so cows can graze on land that will be depleted in a few years. Forests in Asia are clear cut to plant monoculture farms of palm trees that can be harvested for their oil. While, the Amazon is clear cut to raise cattle on land that was not created to grow grazing grass. This causes the animals and the people that live in those environments to become displaced, like when a natural disaster happens and people are displaced.If you are a snow leopard climate change, natural or human caused, is causing you to lose more of your precious snowy habitat, pushing you higher and higher into the mountains. Or if you live on the plains in Africa, humans might be encroaching on your home to build their home when there are other places for them to live. There are simple solutions to all of these. Step 1, look at the LABEL, check the ingredients of food to see if they contain palm oil or palm products. If they do put them back because there are companies that do not use palm oil their foods and you should buy from them, unless they contain soy which is also grown in the Amazon like palm is in Asia. (One company that does not use soy or palm is Annie's Homegrown I (heart) their food!) Step 2 try walking, biking, or carpooling places; you will save money, burn fat, and save emissions from entering the air + water. You could also go outside more + enjoy nature.

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