BCW Day 3: Wildlife Trade

Big cats are majestic not magical. They are wonderfully made  + they have beautiful furson them, not us. Tigers + leopards are the main victims of this problem, wildlife trade for furs + medicine. Both cats are being hunted for their body parts for either use in TAM, traditional Asian medicine, or as a status symbol. Their furs are also adorned on the bodies of humans or in their homes. There are many things wrong with this they are majestic not magical, their body parts do not heal us or have special health benefits. Their living bodies do though by keeping the earth in balance. (Their pelts don’t help us look any better, because if you really think of what their purpose is. They use them for keeping warm, staying camouflaged, and attracting a mate. Now personally, I cannot think of the last time I needed to stay camouflaged while I was shopping for food, or when I was trying to attract a tiger/leopard to continue the race of the catkind, or when a simple wool coat was not suffice enough to stay warm in the cold. It just does not make sense)

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