World Water Day: background

March 22, International World Water Day, so today's topic is no other than water! It has to be the most abundant and scarcest resource on earth. It's also the most needed, however too many of the earth's population do not have access to clean fresh drinking water; about 780 million. Now here in America most of us do not ever think about not having safe drinking water and where for “unsafe" or " bad" drinking water is tap water, for most of the world though this would be a blessing because they would have at the least running water; instead of having to travel miles to get unfiltered polluted water for their daily lives. Lack of clean water is the major problem with water not just in developing countries but also in "1st world" countries, and this is due to the fact that humans have not taken care of the resources at hand. Water is a prime example of this water ways and water sheds throughout the world have been contaminated with different debris and pollutants from agri run off and clothing manufacturing, just to name a few. Trash and poor water management also affect not just the immediate people but people on the other side of the world. Our everyday actions affect everyone on earth and the water here, let’s make better choices to make our everyday lives better and those in the next generations...

*This the gensis of a series that will continue for a couple of weeks sometime starting during the second week of April.

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