let's go sea the world: toiletries

1.bkr Reusable Water Bottle Jelly ($28); 2.JADEtribe Seminyak Cosmetic Bag Indigo ($72); 3. Crystal Body Deodorant Travel Stick ($2.99 or less); 4. Ilia Beauty Lipstick Crayons in 99 Red Balloons, Karma Chameleon, + Come Undone ($24 each); Oyin Handmade Mini Burnt Sugar Pomade ($4), Grand Poo Bar Shampoo ($7), + After Bath Oil ($4)
When I travel I try, and I mean really try to bring the least amount of things, but that never happens...So here is a simplified list of the main things I love to take on trips + are TSA friendly. Just remember to empty your water bottle before entering the airport! (This is just an excerpt of some of the stuff I take on trips, the rest I normally keep in my makeup bag, who's contents will be revealed in an upcoming vlog here!) 

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  1. I know this problem:D I try it as well but it does not work:D The cosmetic bag looks really stunning!

    Hope you visit me on my blog