Squeaky Green Teeth

1. bogobrush: I recently found out about this company right before I was about to order other toothbrush featured here ($40 for 4 and MIA)
2. smile squared: This company and bogobrush are extremely similar by the fact that both give a toothbrush for every toothbrush purchased and both are made out of bamboo. One difference is that with bogobrush you can choose one of three cities, in the USA, where your giving brushes will go. ($11 for 2)
3. Botot mouthwash: I absolutely adore mouthwash concentrates because they last longer and you can cut back on the amount of packaging used and normally they contain only natural ingredients. ($20)
4. Toothpaste, I actually do not use conventional toothpaste, I use toothpowder for multiple reasons, mainly I hate the tube that toothpaste comes in. The place that I get my toothpowder from does not sell it online, but I would recommend to try and find some at your local farmers market (that is actually where I get mine from).  

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