WWW Two: the problem with imported seafood

I love seafood, and I mean I love seafood, but I love the environment and being ethical so much so that a few years I gave up seafood entirely after watching The Cove for months and honestly as I look back on it, it does not entirely make sense why I gave up seafood. Once I did start eating seafood again I became very particular with what I purchased, as should all ethical shoppers should do. I did not settle for semi-sustainable seafood (if there really is such a thing as semi-sustainable) but if I was going to buy seafood it better be the utmost sustainable seafood there is available. Which meant no imported fish or crustaceans from anywhere, especially not Thailand. Seafood from Thailand is notorious for being unsustainable, but what most people do not know or simply do not think about is the fact that a majority of it is not ethical. I recently read an article National Public Radio about a different form of human trafficking. It was upsetting, here were these fishermen who were being kept on fishing boats to catch fish for first world countries. All of the stories that were reported were terrible and inhuman, the one that was the most horrific though was that of the man that killed off his crew in order to avoid paying them. There are so many things that are inhumane about this story, this just covers the immediate issues that harm human life, not the others that come down the line...

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