giving back for back to school

1. stone + cloth backpacks ($68) : The founder of stone + cloth actually use to work at TOMS, but what is spectacular about this brand is that every purchase supports a child's education. They are also made here in AMERICA! WOO!!! American made is the way to go. Not only does bag support education, but it also keeps jobs here in America. ( There are a lot of bags that are made in American and support various causes like Half United, ESPEROS who just did a collaboration with Pencils of Promise, there is also OAK and Ark collective, which is not actually made in America but is 141)
2. bkr glass water bottle: ($28 in chip): I feel like I have mentioned bkr before, but I think that is just because I am completely obsessed with them! They are cute and stylish, and with every purchase money is donated to help build a well in a place  in need. Not only are they fashionable, but also do a great amount of good, just like my readers.
3. Green Apple wood highlighters ($1): I color code almost everything for my school work, I feel that it makes everything organized and quick to find. I also read quiet a bit and I hate it when my highlighters bleeds through the paper. So these guys are extremely helpful plus there is no plastic! Wood highlighters are superb since you do not have to worry about them bleeding through paper or if the cap comes off in you bag you will not  have to worry about it marking up everything in there.
4. Books, they're great and some point during the year you are going to need to buy them some for class and this company Better World Books is great! For every book you purchases they donate another one. I am going to give you guys a fair warning ORDER YOUR BOOKS LIKE A MONTH IN ADVANCE IF POSSIBLE! I cannot stress this enough, I had never ordered from them until this summer and it took literally 3 weeks for my books to get to me. (It is like a 1-3 day drive from where they are located to my house, it should not take 3 weeks. I actually order some glasses from Warby Parker a week after I had ordered by books and they arrived sooner than my books.) FYI they sell new + used books.
5 + 6. poppin metal pens + large journals: Poppin is a interesting company because with every purchase they donate money to build schools (so far they have built two schools). They might not be the "greenest" company but they give to help build schools and that is extremely important, nay vital, which is why they are listed here. I know there are greener companies to buy school supplies (you can even get some at Target and Walmart) but not all of them help build schools.

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