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I have recently embarked on a fun little experiment with nail strips. Now previous to being approached by OMG! Nail Strips, I had never before used nail strips, I was curious to actually try them because I was contemplating their green + blue (land + ocean) impact + sustainability... Here it is on a scale of smog black (1) to forest green + clear blue seas (10) it gets a happy mushroom (6), mainly due to the amount of waste that is generated (it's a lot of plastic). Other than that the product is great, it lasts about a week (great!), it's super easy to use, it does not take long to do once you get the hang of it, and OMG! Nail Strips has so many different styles to choose it is hard just picking one. I ended up picking the black + white stripes which I paired with two accent nails in Anja (a "vampy wine purple") by Zoya. The combination looked really nice together. ( I actually want to try it again with a different color, maybe a mint or lavender for spring)

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note:  I actually did not do my own nails, the DJ did,  so they do not absolutely amazing.  I cleaned them up the next morning + did not have a chance to take better picture which is why the picture is somewhat poor.

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