For my sister's birthday we took a little trip to this Japanese farmhouse style restaurant called Uchiko {if you follow me on instagram you've probably already seen the pictures}. Let me just say this place is amazing! I was a bit adventurous and I tried a something out of my comfort zone {gyutan nigiri (beef tongue) this was probably my favorite tied with the Brussels sprouts} + a lot of new variations like komaki, pork ribs {these were tasty not the best I've had; those would be from Tsunami}, + Brussels sprouts {#amazing these mini cabbages are coated in fish caramel + are too amazing for words!}. Other things we had were: the shag {my parents enjoyed this more than I did} tempura onion rings + sweet potatoes {my favorite thing tempura fried}, sweet corn sorbet, fig sorbet {I really love figs so naturally I had to try this + I am glad I did} + their infamous fried milk [picture coming soon]. Their fried milk was delicious, extremely different but never the less delicious, it does not exactly taste like milk, it's much more creamier and velvety so it pairs well with the chocolate disks that comes with it. If you ever happen to be in the state of Texas I highly recommend that you make your way to Uchiko or Uchi {which I'm pretty sure is just as amazing as Uchiko} 

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