Uniform Cupcakes + Cookies the Size of Plates: waffles banana + pecan

If you follow me on twitter + instagram you already know that Waffleday (Sunday to the rest of the world) and today I decided to make a different kind of waffle instead of the chocolate whole wheat ones I make most of the time. Mainly because I was out of Earnest Eats Mayan Blend Hot Cereal (Yes, I add oatmeal to homemade waffle mix), so I decided to add pecans to waffles which was a great idea (I normally add bananas to my waffle mix instead of eggs to make them lighter)! Banana and pecan waffles are spectacular especially with maple syrup. I paired them with organic strawberries from the farmers market, rainforest alliance grapes, + bacon (my favorite is Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon )

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