TOMS Roasting

Now, I'm not much of a coffee drinker (I prefer tea) but occasionally I will drink a cup. So naturally when TOMS sent me some of their new product, coffee, I knew I needed to make up a cup. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it, to find out that it tasted exceptional. I like it better than Starbucks which could be, because it was a light roast (Rwanda blend) while Starbucks uses a medium roast for everthing. Anyways I like it, flavor wise, it's kind of sweet with a hint of lemon I couldn't really taste the floral (which is a good thing). I would also to commend them on being Rainforest Alliance Certified. Which is an excellent thing,  considering conventionally grown coffee is grown on land where there was once a rainforest. A rainforest that had to be cleared out so that a monoculture farm could set up. Basically they're terrible for the environment. However, TOMS thankfully doesn't partake this. In short, it's a superb product flavor wise and ethically, so go out a buy yourself bag!

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