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What do we have here? An ethical, sustainable, and organic makeup company? Check. But what about one that works as well as it looks? Got it! I could not be more pleased with the quality of W3ll People cosmetics. A long time ago I did a review of their altruist foundation {you can read it here}, so this review is for two other products: their narcissist stick foundation  + their new bio-extreme mascara {both great for traveling}. These are both fantastic products! The narcissist is best applied on smooth, clean, + moisturized skin with a beautyblender{another spectacular product} or foundation brush. After, I blend it in I like to apply to their altruist powder foundation {with my Eco Tools Recycled Aluminum Retractable Kabuki Brush} to matte it out a bit {it's a bit shiny for me}. Then, I’ll apply the expressionist bio-extreme mascara , and let me tell you this is hands down the best mascara I've ever used. It does not irritate my sensitive eyes and it lengthens them dramatically. I've literally been waiting for them to create this for years, because I knew when they did it was going to be superb! My lashes are super long afterwards + I love it! This mascara has staying power! I put it on in the morning and it stays all day, without smudging! Amazing! I've never been so pleased with a mascara before, or any makeup company that is!

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