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I'm back from my short break! While I was on my break, I received a Hare + Hart bag! Which I absolutely adore {it's no longer on the website but it's own my owned Pinterest board}! When I ordered it, I was actually rather scared that it was going to be too minute to be an everyday bag, because they said it could double as a clutch. I was pleasantly surprised when it came in the post, because it is the perfect size. {Note: I don't carry much in my bag...wallet, sunglasses, lip stuff, + keys} The bag is decently spacious and has: two zipper pockets {one inside and the other outside}, and two inside pockets on the front piece. On a different note, the hair on the front is not as soft as you might think. I don't know why, but I thought the hair was going to be as soft as my vellies, which are crazy soft; sadly though,  they are not. Style wise this bag can go with just about anything, so it's pretty much perfect. Now to the import aspects, Hare + Hart bags are ethically made in Argentina with leather and hair from cows raised for the beef industry. I know some people are going to think, "Eww leather that is extremely unsustainable!" However, if you actually think about what pleather or vegan leather is made out of plastic, which is extremely unsustainable, but I will talk about another day {probably a Wednesday}. The leather is vegetable tanned and the lining is organic, which makes them even better! Sadly this bag is no longer available, but I cannot wait to see what they have in store for autumn! 

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