Nudie Jeans

I've been swooning pair of nudie jeans, forever. However, I ran to into two issues they didn't make them for women, and they were sort of pricey. {Contrary to popular belief, I buy most of clothes on sale} Well a few years went by and I discovered them at SSENSE; problem one solved. A few more months went by, and they went on sale, for $90! I was on cloud 9, I check my size {26/27}, but they were sold out! I closed that tab defeated...and waited a few more months. This same thing happened at least two more times. I realized that if you didn't live, breath, eat and were completely one with the SSENSE site, you probably would not be able to buy anything in your size {that is if you wear 2/4 or smaller + size 8 shoe or smaller}. Recently, I decided to check out Rodales one of my favorite sustainable apparel sites, because they are lesser known and they have great sales. {This is actually where I bought my Amour Vert shorts!} To my extreme blessing, I discovered they too sold Nudie jeans and they the pair I wanted and they had them in my size! Not to mention they were less than SSENSE, with free shipping! It honestly made my week so much better, for three reasons. I NEEDED skinny jeans, don't get me wrong I love my good: society straight leg jeans, but I missed my skinnies {I had worn my other pair out}. Two, I adore getting parcels and letters in the mail! Three, this week was hectic and intense! Anyways, these jeans are just as perfect as I imagined them to be! They fit like a glove! They're ridiculously comfortable, the first time I wore them! Completely different from my good:societies which I had to break in, before I could wear them like I do. There is a ton of detail that goes into making their jeans {all the inside buttons have nudie jean co. on them}. Each pair comes with a little booklet describing the company and their manufacturing process {#farmtocloset}. Expect a picture, as soon as I recover from my illness! {sorry!}

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