Waves of Change...

It's been awhile since I've posted on here, even though posting more is one of my New Years Resolutions. Which I should now able to accomplish, because: A) I'm nearly done with high school, B) I'm done applying to colleges and have confirmed (to Wellesley College), and C) I need to fashion my wardrobe for college. In the upcoming days, I will begin posting more and not just about fashion. There's going to be more STEM (my projected majors are Environmental Engineering & Architecture), design, food posts, and links to my budding portfolio. So be prepared for posts about coding (with links to projects I'm working on), experiments I testing, clothes I'm wearing, buildings I'm designing, and food I'm eating. However, over the next few days (after I recover from surgery and finish a few projects) I'll be posting lists of items that I want for college (should my financial aid work out). I'm also going to be picking up post themes that I started earlier in the year. Any ways thank you guys so far who keep reading these posts and telling your friends.

My financial aid didn't work out, but I still need money for school. Therefore, I am asking for y'alls support in this, because I direly need help for school. So if you feel led to donate to my gofundme account that would be amazing.

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