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Two days from now I will be graduating/leaving the place where I have spent the majority of my 18 years on this Earth. To be frank, I'm actually more excited to graduate and leave, than I will be sorry to leave; that's not to say there weren't enjoyable times, but there weren't that many of them...Anyways I realized on Monday that I wanted to wear the colors, blue and white, of my future alma mater, Wellesley College, and my class's color, yellow. By Monday, I realized it was too late to order anything for my Friday graduation, therefore I'm stuck with whatever I can get a hold of near me which probably mean K. Jacques from The Tiny Finch. However, had I actually thought of this a few weeks ago, I would have liked to get any of these shoes and this watch to go with the Amour Vert Annie dress. From Left to Right: Dieppa Restrepo Lady Boot in white lizard (I'm not even sure if they still make these, but if they do tell me where I can find them!), Brother Vellies Sunny Day Karen Sandal (what I definately would have ordered because they have my class color), Brother Vellies Cloud Ballet Sandals (I friggin ADORE THESE SHOES), Coclico Tyrion Sandal, the most professional of the bunch.

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