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This is the first in a series of posts like this, featuring clothing items that I will need (with a few wants) for college. Therefore check back every Wednesday for a new university wants.
  1.     The Sandy MVT in Mahogany by SevillaSmith. Let me start out by saying " I ADORE THESE SHOES!" Mainly because they are what I would imagine a crossover between my Coclico Isla booties and Fortress of Inca Isabella flats would breed. I love the wavy cutout on these and the mahogany color, because they pair with more of wardrobe.
  2.   Fine Wool Tights by Bleu For├Ęt. I direly need more wool tights, because where I’m going to university. I have currently have some wool tights, but they’re not that great… I love these because the reviews are great and they’re made in France so I know they’re excellent quality!
  3. THE RUNWELL 41mm by Shinola. I’ve been swooning over Shinola watches ever since they began. Their watches are superb quality, probably due to the American craftsmanship, and timeless.
  4. The Huddersfield Parka by Pierrepont Hicks. I need a good American made neutral parka, and this fits the bill to a T. However, this parka is sold out in my size (*if anyone has an extra one/no longer want theirs in a small email me thesealt (at) gmail (dot) com*). Pierrepont Hicks is slowly becoming one of my favorite brands, especially for outdoor apparel.
  5.  NAVY MEZZO by Lauren Cecchi. I’m pretty sure I’ve previously mentioned this purse before, because I truly love these bags. They’re a classic style in timeless shades, that are American made, so they don’t get much better than that.

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