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If you haven't already checked out the page for documentaries, I would highly advise you to and if you have a suggestion feel free to email me. This new page is similar to that one, but it's for books. This page will eventually get organized by a broad subject category, but as for right now it will be a list. Also you probably have noticed that the SEA has been updated and will continue to be updated. I'd love to hear y'alls feedback on the new site too!
The books that are currently listed, save for A Path Appears, are books that I am currently reading. My opinion on both of them so is... spectacular! Golden! They have influenced my thinking in very different ways. Let me start out by saying I adore Dan Barber and he is my chef inspiration. I love the concept behind Blue Hill, and aim to own a test kitchen and farm one day (#goals). Back to the book, so far I've only read the Soil section but it got me thinking. This section discusses a myriad of topics but the one that hit me the most was when he talks about macro and micro nutrients in soil and how they give food flavor. If soil doesn't have the balance of these nutrients then the food won't have flavor (at least not its true flavor). I started wondering if the foods that I detest (onions and fennel amongst others) have just not been grown in the right soil. Just a thought... {If you LOVE food this is a must read!}
Half the Sky, is difficult for me to read, not the language just the subject matter (but I know I'll finish it, because I finished the Rape of Nanking which was about 2x as graphic and horrifying). I highly recommend this book for everyone because it opens your eyes to the various atrocities facing females.

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