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I feel like I post and gab about Brother Vellies constantly. I'm pretty sure I post about them at least once a week and I feel a bit guilty about this because there are a plethora of great sustainable shoe brands. Most of which I don't mention enough, so this will probably my last BV post for a while (you know until the fall line...) Anyways I love these sandals and if I wasn't so preoccupied with applying for scholarships and trying to figure how I'm going to help my parents pay for college, I would totally buy them in a heart beat. They're perfect for summer and just relaxing, not to mention they would go great with my summer job. I adore these sandals, because they're ethically made in Kenya out of sustainable leather and decorated with handmade beads and hand dyed cock feathers, and fastened with repurposed brass buckles. There are pictures of the process on the BV instagram, which is the best tell tale sign of ethical brands; they're proud of their manufacturing process and want to tell the world about it.

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