university want pt.2

Sorry I have been posting as frequently as I want, but I've been busy with scholarships and trying to figure out my finaid for university (which has been a dead-end pursuit therefore I'm being patient and continual applying for scholarships...but if you want to help out feel free to donate to my gofundme or email me scholarships). Anyways here's part two of the University Wants series (last weeks post)...Enjoy! Image Map
1. Petit Bateau  the Timeless Women's Wool Cloth Pea Jacket ($274). I absolutely adore this brand and nearly died when I saw the store in Italy! I actually thought about buy this peacoat while I was there because I knew it would be vital for the New England winters I'm going to face. However there were a few things holding back and I'm still sort of regretting not getting it. I love this brand because they manufacture their products in Troyes, France and the quality is impeccable. They also make this adorable raincoat that reminds me of Paddington Bear and therefore my childhood. Spectacular brand!
2. Chiyome Black Square Bag ($435). This bag and brand yells professionalism, therefore I know it would be my go to for interviews for both Architecture and Environmental Engineering jobs and internships. Even though I believe navy is the only true neutral, I love this bag and this one (but I would love it even more in navy...).  Besides the fact that this bag is made in NYC, the company employs at-risk women and sources materials from minority- owned local businesses, win-win.
3. Mitscoots The Margaret ($28 for a 3-pack). Going so far away I need something to remind of home and Mitscoots socks are just thing! This brand is based in Austin and I adore them! When a pair of socks are purchased they donate a pair to those in need (specifically homeless people). They further the impact by employing homeless people in Austin at their HQ.  Did I mention they're American made?
4. Sleepy Jones Leigh Night Shirt ($136). Sleepy Jones pjs make me want to lounge around all day, eating waffles and watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents and reading Steinbeck. They look so comfy and I'm in dire need of new pjs as I don't plan on taking my collection of school shirts with me to college, out with the old in with the new.... Their pjs are American made and as much as I love the shirt and short combo I'd really adore it if they made more of the Leigh Nigh Shirt, especially if they made one in that gorgeous tartan...

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