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I'm starting to get rather excited (+ nervous) about university this autumn and its beautiful colors. Which is one of the many reasons why I adore this green nail polish from PritiNYC, not to mention I'm a sucker for limited edition items... I really like the fact that PritiNYC is 5-free and they have a  recycling program that rewards you with a 15% off your next purchase!  That dainty crown ring is perfect for everyday wear. The fact that it's made to order with reclaimed gold in France makes me love it even more. Important note: made to order items are much better for the environment because they decrease the amount of waste. The producer does not make a mass quantity of one item that may or may not sell, but instead each time an order is placed that one item is made for the one customer. While there are two major downsides, production time is longer and it's more difficult to get the item on sale since there is no unsold merchandise around.

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