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I used to love working out, and I still do but my work has evolved so much from when I first started. I've started to hate working out in the gym and would much rather workout outdoors, but I can't right now. Anyways when I do work out I like to be comfortable and cool (or warm in the winter). Which means that instead of tights I wear running shorts, which are sadly Nike but hopefully Yesler will make some soon...
1. Pact Apparel Everyday Black Tights: Fair trade & organic tights need I say more? I love wearing these in the winter under running shorts, because they keep my legs warm. Plus they come in tons of colors and patterns!
2.  Mitscoots The Margaret: Get, Give, Employ! American made socks that are packaged by homeless people, perfect! Not to mention they're uber comfy (I'm wearing them as I write this post...) and great for working out.
3. Newton Women's Fate: There are not that many great tennis shoe companies, especially on the mainstream market. Newton shoes are a B Corp, which means they care about their employees (all of the them) and the environment, they're transparent and accountable. Basically I love B Corps. I also love Newton shoes, because they provide running shoes to children throughout the world.
4. Pact Apparel Sea Blue racerback tank: These tanks are great! I own 2 of them and I love working out in them especially in the summer, because it's so hot all day in Texas. I only own 2 of them, because I have near 100 shirts from secondary school and I normally wear those instead. I plan on buying more of these though because I really want to get rid of all of the shirts, there's so many of them.

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