Country Showcase

For the next couple of weeks I'm going to embark on a few, until I run out of brands (so if you know some great brands you want to share or you have a brand that you would like to share comment below or shoot me an email with the subject being "Country Showcase"), country/region show cases. I came to this idea after discovering brand after brand from different countries/region, (okay it was really PB 0110 was the final straw #currentobsession). This is how it works: I'm going to pick a country at random (whatever I feel like that week) and create an image of my favorite items from 3,minimum, brands that are based in that country, except in the case of specific brands that are focused more on their country of origin or in two countries. For instance, Brother Vellies (shocker!) is based in America, but are focused more on their production in Africa (mainly Kenya + South Africa), so while they may be *listed* on the America post they would have a picture on the South Africa/Kenya/Africa post (haven't really decided how I'm going to do this post(s)). This is the gist of it: wherever that product is produced it will be placed in that country/region post, to showcase that locations craftsmanship. (Disclaimer: It is highly unlikely that I will showcase any brands that produce their products in China for multiple reasons, mainly it would take too much time for what I'm going to do #sorry)It might be a bit confusing, but it will make more sense when you see the first post which is this one! And the country of the week is well you'll have to find out tomorrow for that...(I PROMISE IT'S NOT SOUTH AFRICA!)

As I have finished the majority of the map, I realized as I was making it that there are some limits to how many groups you can have and have thus decided to group it based off of continent for the most part. [If you look at the map, you should be able to tell what country I'm from (my art history class is magical and I love it).] I was trying to make this map as culturally appropriate as possible, but that's not going to happen unless Google allows me to add more groups. I have also decided to include China, because some great things are ethically and sustainably made there, not a lot but the brands that are doing the right thing deserve recognition. One other thing of notice is that a majority of the manufacturing seems to take place in two citites LA and NYC which is a bit unsettling, but still very impressive. That being said, if you know of brands made in your near you or ethically or sustainably produced please feel free to shoot me an email telling me about them! I want this map to be as inclusive as possible!

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