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1. Oui Shave Carrie razor. I literally forgot to pack my waxing stuff and I'm starting to get really sick of waxing. Not to mention this razor looks beautiful and very reliable.
2. Indie Lee blemish Lotion. One of things that should be on the Wellesley 100 is Clafin Bakery. Yes there is a bakery on my campus and they're pastry wizards (and demons WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DELICIOUS???) Also college is a bit stressful so blemished skin in sort of inevitable.
3. Fig + Yarrow Cleansing Nectar. I recently read an article about how over exfoliating can also cause blemishes and I've been doing nothing but exfoliating, which is terrible. I plan to use this with my konjac to gently cleanse my face. UPDATE: I ordered a sample version of this, and I LOVE it. I'm gonna be honest it definitely has a unique and strong scent, but it dissipates rather quickly. Since, I've started using this my skin has cleared up quite quickly. #definitemusthave 
4. Muscle MUD. Since being at college I have joined to very strenuous activities rock climbing and sailing, which I love but yeah there are some muscles I didn't even know existed in my upper body. Also I don't have access to a tub to take a detox bath, so this is the next best thing! (I'm also interested to know it this works better than a detox bath, because of droughts and water conservation)
5. Agent Nateur. I've heard beautiful things about this deodorant, but I'm curious if it really works, because I sweat a lot especially when I'm presenting in front of a bunch of grad students....
6. Ilia Beauty Vivid Foundation. This was just released this week and I'm rather intrigued, because of the perfect timing (I really want to try a new foundation, because I now live in a colder climate and a moussey liquid base is what I'm looking for...)

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