I've been meaning to post something on the SEA, but I've in the process of moving into my reshall and adjusting to college (which right now doesn't seem too bad, but it's only been the first week). College is been great so far and I'm beginning to know that I made the best choice (GO WELLESLEY!). Although I will say this get a planner and write down all of the important dates in it! I stressed out a lot during my first week, because I thought I had work (and papers) due throughout the week but found out that they were not due in until the following week. Bright side is that I am all caught up on my work for next week. I have also added all most of the major events for the next couple of months in my Gallery Leather planner. I'll be posting more as the year goes on, since now I have more time to focus on and I no longer have a dress code! I'm also uber excited for this school, because things are going really well! I'll post dorm pictures, because I'm still adjusting!

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