Current Obsession: silk tees

For the past couple of months, I've become oh so obsessed with silk tees. They're great, actually they're better than great they're excellent! I think I'm falling in love with them because I'm trying to wear more organic (read: natural) materials, less synthetics! Synthetics are terrible for the environment, because the little fibers break down and are released in the environment.  They start to accumulate in waterways and pollute them, JUST SAY NO TO SYNTHETICS! The only downside to silk is that is it's so expensive, but quality doesn't come cheap (or sometimes ethically)! Or does? There are great ethical and sustainable silk brands like Carrie Parry, Grana, Everlane, and others their silk tees are still a bit on the pricey side (especially for a college student). I literally want every.single. silk tee from all three of these brands. My secret for curating an impeccable collection of silk tees are thrift shops (and occasionally eBay), which is also a testament to their durability and increases their sustainability. Another reason I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe to at least 90% organic materials is that they last longer and hold up better than synthetics. I love their ability to transcend seasons and outfits. They literally pair with everything shorts, skirts (of all styles), and pants (any style). They make every outfit feel relaxed yet chic #effortlesslycool. I feel like I will never own enough of these staples especially since I have my eye on a tartan silk tee like this one from Carrie Parry and all of these from Everlane and

Just take a look below!

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