new uniform: winter

It's insane how rapid the weather changes a few days I was wearing my adored silk tees and peacoat and now I'm living in my sweaters, skirts (with tights), and my peacoat. Sweaters are my winter equavilent to silk tees, and I truly whole heartedly believe that you can never have too many sweaters; it's just not possible. There are so many different styles and colors and materials and weights, that are convay a different feeling and mood. My favorites? Thick/chunky cotton or wool knit with drop sleeve and crew neck in vivid colors, like these from American Apparel (I literally live in this sweater!) and Zady. I also love the thin tightly knit merino/cashmere/angora/alpaca crew neck in various colors, think the J.Crew Tippi and Tilly sweaters which isn't sustainable and I have yet to find a sea worthy alternative! I'm also a huge fan of the statement sweater so I prety much love everything that Chinti + Parker produces. These are all of my tried and true combinations but I'm enjoy simplistic sweaters like this one, vintages ones, faire isle patterns, novelty, and this one from Amour Vert.

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