The past couple of weeks (months really) have been pretty terrible, hectic, and stressful. Why? My laptop (a Lenovo flex 3 15in [DO NOT GET THIS LAPTOP]) broke about 3 weeks into my first month of college which made getting work done extremely difficult (all my books were on there which didn't help!). This paired with the rigor of my classes left me no time to do any blogging or any work really... In other news, I finally received a new laptop from Lenovo (who might I add have pretty good customer service), and while I am a bit disappointed that I do own a Lenovo, because of their poor environmental track record I am overjoyed to have a *functioning* laptop! You know what else I'm excited about I finally received my order from SBL  containing Agent Nateur N°3 Deodorant h o l i ( s t i c k ) and Ilia Beauty Vivid Foundation in Tanami, both spectacular products. I was really skeptical of Agent Nateur but that stuff really works, like run a marathon and then hang out with friends afterward with no fear works. I have nothing but positive words for it. Ilia Beauty foundation is also a superb product that I tested out for the first time on Saturday while trick or treating at Harvard. I wasn't sure how well the color would match, considering the color options drastically narrow down the darker your skin is, but it is a pretty good match. Besides matching it works well for dry skin which is the main reason I switched from W3ll People, I just need something more moisturizing. Oh! I forgot to mention the finish which is delicately smooth, so yeah you could say I am ecstatic with my SBL order.

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