double edge razor

Carrie 14k Gold Razor Set
I know I said that I wouldn't post anything this week because I'm having issues with my laptop (which is true the program I use to make my post isn't working but I'm still trying to fix it!). However, I tried something that changed my life (a bit hyperbolic but it's pretty spectacular)! A double edge razor, you know like the old fashioned ones your grandpa probably used. I know what some of you might be thinking A MEN'S RAZOR! eww but hear me out. There's this practice called a pink tax, which means companies charge more for women's products (or a women's version) as compared to the same product for men. I find this ridiculous, what difference does it make that this a woman is using this product! I hold this view for a few other objects, like clothing especially coats and sweaters and shoes and deodorant. I know a few people that swear by using men's deodorant because women's deodorant isn't strong enough for their daily lives (which include intense work outs). Now thankfully there is a "women's"(or as I would prefer thoughtfully designed) version of these quality products such as these Oui Shave makes tres chic gold and silver razors that run $70-$85 depending on style and also come with shaving oil. I love the gold Carrie and cannot wait to order one! One of the main reason I've put off on ordering one, because for some reason I've been terrified of double edge razors and I've always equated them with being dangerous and deadly (completely irrational). Partly due to the fact that I did not exactly know how they worked and where razor blade went, but now that I know I learned to embrace and love the double edge razor. Still not convinced? A regular resuable razor will run you about the same, but replacement blades cost upwards of $10 or more fore just 3 or 4 of them, which you still need to replace the same number of times as a double edge razor, but the blades cost less but are of greater quality. Can't shell out $70+ for a razor or terrifified of a double edge razor and what to start out with a more cost effective version? Walgreen's sells double edge razors in the mens shaving/hair removal section, for less than $15. Go out and give it a try, you can thank me later!

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