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Like many people starting the new year, I also have a health related goal or goals really. I want to work out more and eat better (read: purer and cleaner and little to no refined sugar).  I used to exercise a lot and I was extremely dedicated to it but somewhere (junior year) I kind of lost my dedication; I want that back. I also want nice workout gear from the minimalistic  Outdoor Voices to the ultra cheery and preppy Devon Maryn ($55 a pair). I sort of need this variation of workout gear, because of weather. I'd wear OV in the fall/winter because the weather is cooler (and I'm in Boston) and I'd wear Devon Maryn in the spring/summer because Texas is too hot for pants in the summer (it's like 90F in the morning which is too hot for pants!). I also wanted to showcase these two brands because they're magnificent and fit my aesthetic (and everything is made in America!). Sweat hard!

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