lately|recap part 2

Two posts ago I the compiled positives that happened over the past year. I realized I forgot to mention a few things like attending Boston Calling last September which was spectacular! And the handful of scholarships I received for school (this could also be an entirely separate post which may or may not happen). This is a good Segway to the main focus of this post, the bad or not ideal. Numerous people have commented and continue to comment on how surreal my life is (but it's really how it appears). While, it does feel surreal sometimes and insane events occur it's not always gold, chocolate, champagne, and smooth sailing. I'm doing this post to remind people that the person behind the blogger, instagram, twitter, and etc. posts is still a person and not matter how curated and immaculate their life appears in words and pictures isn't the whole story; honesty and transparency are important. I feel obligated to note that some of the issues I'm going to detail in this post aren't too serious (i.e. I never had to worry about food, water, housing, clothes, etc., ). There are a few instances where my life was in danger, like that time I was followed home by this guy at the park or I the numerous times I've been followed by cars; both of these instances happened while or after I went running. These are older events in my life, like early high school.
The past year abridged. My first year of college started out fine until I got a new laptop from Lenovo, which broke 20ish days after receiving it. They dainty wanted to exchange it and became a whole ordeal that dragged out until November. So I didn't have a laptop for most of my first semester of college. I didn't have my books, and it was nearly impossible to submit assignments promptly (so grateful for smartphones). It is now my sophomore year and not surprisingly my Lenovo broke again but this time, I'm taking the refund to buy a different brand. I tried to check out laptops and chrome books from the library, but people don't know how to return them on time. My physics class was brutal. My MIT class was also brutal; actually, that's an understatement. Don't get me wrong; I loved the material, and I learned a lot, but there were tons of internal issues. In short, my first semester was full of stress. My first year was sleepless because I'm a light sleeper and don't sleep well with noise (so I'm pretty sure I can't live in NYC). The second semester was much better, even with my over the top history class, that was simultaneously beautiful and ugly. Then there was physics again still brutal but better. Finally, the second-semester mandatory writing course which is just awkward and irksome.
I mentioned earlier that I received a handful of scholarships, but I didn't mention is that I applied to hundreds of scholarships for a few years before I ever received one. After you receive one, it seems like they come to you.

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