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recap: The past couple of weeks have been hectic, to say the least, as I'm still trying to hammer out my schedule and majors. In case you're wondering I've begun the process to declare one of my two majors, which is sort of stressful because I'm wavering between not taking courses and taking them (especially that history class); but this is where my spectacular advisor comes in...soon. On the bright and less stressful side, I'm slowly figuring out what I want to do post-undergrad, which is beautiful. I have spectacular meetings next week and I'm currently the temp president for an organization on campus. Brightest side? My laptop will finally be returned to me, which means architecture portfolio here I come (comment tips below)
Current Obsessions:
1. My CienneNY Charlie dress (now sold out) is this dress is my new go-to it's fun and chic (and it pairs perfectly with my Brother Vellies sandals and Shinola birdy). This dress easily dresses up or down with a change of shoes and accessories. I'm loving dresses more, and they're perfect when I'm feeling lazy or in a rush. CienneNY is this great new brand founded in 2015 that globally and ethically sources their materials which are then made in NYC. I'm keeping a close eye on this brand, especially as my style evolves and simplifies.
2. Shinola birdy (similar), I've wanted a Shinola watch since their founding a few years ago when first started out (via Twitter). It is the best back to school purchase I've made (besides the notebinder from Mead/five-star). If you haven't heard of Shinola, you're missing out because these watches are spectacular! They're made assembled in Detriot and each watch comes in a gorgeous wooden box tucked inside is a leather travel case, leather balm, and an intense credit card sized card with the name of the watchmaker.
3. MOMA posters and an Iris Scott canvas, last Thanksgiving I went to NYC to stay with family and finally got to visit MOMA, where there was an exhibit that featured tear away posters. I grabbed all of them originally for my sister but never got the chance to take home with me. I wasn't sure what to do with them and my Iris Scott, but luckily the rooms in my residence hall come with these massive bulletin boards. I bought a bunch of clear push pins from CVS and organized them to be aesthetically appealing. Actually, if anyone knows who the artist is for the photographs I'd really appreciate you commenting below.
4. Podcasts, I'm not entirely sure why I've been binge-listening to podcasts and the news, specifically Funambulist's Archipelago the Diane Rehm Show, and NPR, and to a lesser extent 99% Invisible. I discovered the Archipelago at the end of last semester, it features different academics and architects who discuss their work mainly people and space. I always listen to Diane Rehm Show and NPR when I'm in Texas or with my family, I grew up on it and I love it. I'm not entirely sold on 99% Invisible, I just started listening to it, but so far it's good...

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