autumn 2016

Autumn is by far my favorite season, solely because the weather in New England is perfect not too cold not too hot. Thereby making it the best and easiest season to dress for and below I've selected a few pieces that I not only love, but embody the season. Also, should you be in the market for some new cashmere sweaters Everlane's are $100 right now and if you're interested in more sweater keep your eyes posted for post dedicated to the sweater! As promised this post includes a mix of more affordable pieces, in addition to higher priced items.

1. Gigi New York GRACE SATCHEL in Natural American Haircalf ($495)
I have a strong love for calf hair on anything but especially bags and shoes (i.e. my vellies), there's just something about the feel and look of calf hair. It's hyper polished but requires the utmost care to ensure its longevity. This bag by Gigi NY is gorgeous, is made in the US (NYC to be precise) and will pair well with a variety of items in any wardrobe!

South Highland Boots in Dark Brown
2.  COBRA ROCK South Highland Boots in Dark Brown ($550)
Cobra Rock books have grown on me since over the past 3 years. At first I loved the fact that they're made in my home state of Texas, but not so much the style and look of the shoe themselves. Over time however I've grown to appreciate their unique aesthetic and style, but I definitely need to see them in person before I have my final verdict...

I recently rekindled my love of SUNO because of their fit and flare dresses and my desire to sleep more and decrease the time spent on my morning routine. Their dresses are polished and pretty, preparing me for whatever my day entails, random photo-ops and impromptu meetings (since you only get one first impression so you better make it good!). SUNO clothing is made in NYC.
4. Nisolo Oliver Oxford Brandy ($158)
I'm ashamed to say that I still don't own a pair of Nisolo's, it's going to happen because I need some new loafers/oxfords that go with everything. A classic pair of oxfords such as these are a go to shoe that will pair with nearly everything in your wardrobe, either dressing up or down your outfit. For instance if paired with the SUNO dress above creates an outfit that's polished but not ever the top, preparing you for what ever comes your way. Nisolo''s are made in Peru.
Lia Black 100 Denier - Premium Stockings
5. Swedish Stockings  LIA BLACK 100 DENIER (215Kr like $20)
Stockings are the epitome of fall and winter accessories, and these by Swedish Stockings are affordable and sustainable. They're made out of recycled material in Sweden with zero waste in solar powered factories. Did I mention that the tights themselves are recyclable? You can mail in your old pantyhose (any brand and min 3 pair) to receive 30% off your next purchase.
6. Shaffer LA The Greta ($188)
Shaffer LA bags are uber affordable, leather, American made bags that I adore! Mainly because of their affordability, material, versatility, and production. I've never seen bags with combination of characters in a non-thrift store purchase. The ease of selecting a color (and their color choices are numerous) at such a great price point is beautiful.
Christy Dress in Blue:
7. Christy Dress in Blue ($27.60)
It baffles me that People Tree is not a more sought after brand because its super affordable, especially the sale section which is where this dress is from. Their clothing is organic and ethically made and given these two factors I'm always surprised that they're rarely sold out. I like this dress because it reminds me of one SUNO made a season or two ago, but no where near the cost and with all of the sustainability and ethical attributes. This dress is ethically made in Mumbai.

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