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"[pointing to his camera he said] This is my weapon"
I love helping people, which I why I originally started the sea. I was also looking for something like this site, but it didn't exist. When I first began I was looking for fashion blog that showcased sustainable fashion brands or at least had a list of them (now I have both of those and a map!). My execution of this changing, the sea, will still showcase fashion, beauty, and health brands that uphold ideals of ethical production (beyond the scope of apparel fabrication) and sustainable materials. The sea’s boundaries are also expanding I stated they a few months ago, it is also acting a sort of newsletter for my life for family, friends, and people who just want to see what I’m doing with my life (mostly struggling to figure out a cohesive life and post-undergrad opportunities); furthermore it is acting as the blog for my studio, studio seas (coming soon). I don’t want the sea to just be some sustainable fashion blog, it’s more than it. Subscribe to keep up and follow along on twitter and Instagram.

about me:
I'm from Texas and I'm a college student at swells majoring in architecture and geoscience. I love science, history, and art. I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, podcasts and music. I would describe my style as classic and comfy and always changing although I do have some tried and true classics (chunky sweaters, Brother Vellies, oxfords, dresses, and skirts).

Contacting me:
For all inquiries you can email me at 



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