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*Disclaimer* This blog utilizes cookies in the affliate links therefore by visiting the SEA you agree with this use.
Most of these images are not mine, but are taken from other websites with credit given to those who own it. While most images are not mine the words are and all writing is done by me, Brianna Love, is therefore protected.  Images that are mine will be noted and are protected, but feel free to share, tweet, pin, and post to every and any social media just include a link back to the SEA. All personal images, layouts, and words are copywritten are not to be reproduced without my written permission.

While affliate links are used throughout the SEA that does not influence my opinion of the object. If an item is provided by a company it will be noted and again does not influence my opinion of the object. All of this being said, I will only use affliate links and accept objects from vendors that I truly believe in and whose ideals align with mine and those of the SEA. Therefore, your brand is featured on the SEA it means that I, Brianna Love, LOVE what your company is doing (keep up the great work!).

the SEAx + sponsorship 
As previously stated in objects I do accept (LOVE as deep as the pacific ocean) collaborations and sponsorship. I will not accept every offer only those that I feel align with the ideals of the SEA. If you are interested just shoot me an email {thesealt@gmail.com}! (The worst thing I can do is say no)

the SEA and it owner, Brianna Love, are not responisble for anything that happens on dry land (aka when you leave the SEA website). I will not sell or distribute your personal information and remember to legally use the internet you must be 13 years of age or older and therefore should not subscribe to anything on this website or any other with content from your parent or legal gurdian.



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